We live in a fast-paced, highly technological digital environment. You need to keep up if you wish to survive. This is exactly what we do through our consulting services: show businesses (regardless of digital maturity) how to survive.

Advising on a wide array of technical, marketing and design solutions, we can provide you with the tools you need to grow and enjoy a healthier bottom line.

Ecommerce Strategy

Results are what we focus on 100% of the time. By gathering and analyzing critical data, customer habits, reviews, social media reflections and the entire gamut of information and analytics available, we will create a finely tuned, responsive site that keeps up with user demand in the most effective way imaginable.

We know what questions to ask, and we know how to create dynamic business models upon which to base your online store. It’s about implementing the right strategy and finding that perfect approach; this is what we can do to make your store stellar.

Perhaps you’re just beginning your ecommerce venture, or maybe you need to step your old store up a notch. Give us control and let us develop the ultimate ecommerce experience for your company. We will see it through to the end and not leave you dangling. We want to ensure your success and as such, we are always on hand to offer guidance and practical advice.

Platform Selection Consulting

One of the most crucial components of your ecommerce endeavor is the platform that you choose for launching your online store. The increasing number of technology platforms and vendors makes choosing the best one a confusing process to say the least. Researching online can help give you some insight, but it is in no way comprehensive nor will not tell you which platform best suits your needs.

Every business is different, and every ecommerce platform selection should be individualized to meet the everyday needs of that business. Arestos can expertly guide you through the necessary questions to ask when working to identify what ecommerce platform is the best one for you.

Mobile Strategy

No longer is having a mobilized ecommerce platform an option; it is an absolute necessity. It is estimated that nearly 70% of transactions are done via phones or other handheld devices. You need to be able to reach these customers and you need there to be no hiccups or downtime.

We can help you to anticipate mobile consumer behaviour and and we can definitely help you determine how your ecommerce site needs to respond. We strive to balance an optimal user experience with competitive marketing tactics to give your company a leg up in the mobile ecommerce market. You need to have a super fast and efficient response to consumers who want to interact online using their mobile devices. We can make that happen!