We Unlock your online potential through data and knowledge. It’s easy to be overwhelmed by the mountains of data available, our experts make your analytics easy to understand and digest, leading to increased confidence in your online store decision. We ensures that your data empowers your operation and is the central driver to all optimization efforts.

Optimization starts with insight. This leads to clearer intelligence, allowing your business to make more agile and informed decisions. We provide custom views of your data, giving an enhanced visibility into website performance measured by multiple metrics.

Ecommerce Web Analytics

Our Ecommerce Web Analytics service works in tandem with Google Analytics. Reviewing your current Google Analytics setup, we can ensure that it is working in accordance with best practices.

It is critical to measure how well your ecommerce endeavor is doing. We can help you to read the analytics and consequently use the data to make your store much better:

  • Eliminate keywords and or ads that are underperforming and costing you money.
  • Identify ways to corner a larger percentage of the market share.
  • Focus on those channels and keywords with high conversion rates.
Looking for proper filter and goal settings, we will carry out an assessment of all your analytics activities and thereby spot any errors or reporting gaps. We will additionally configure customized dashboard settings so that you can quickly and easily find the info that you desire.

Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO)

Profitability is based on conversions…The conversion rate is the number of people who go to your site and take the desired action. This is a very important metric.

Our ecommerce CRO encompasses the entire process regarding all customer behaviors, including their journeys and user decisions. Reviewing your site’s analytics, usability and communications platform, we will create a comprehensive report to improve your overall conversion rate and ultimately boost your business.

CRO is critical. Our team will work with you to give you strategies to help elevate CRO and increase relevant traffic levels and increase sustainable business within the framework of your site.

Regardless of number of products or shopping platform, we offer you key ecommerce management features:

  • Regular Data analysis
  • In-depth User research
  • An overall long-term strategy