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Why does your site need Boost Loading Speed?

  • If your site is E-commerce, Conversation Rate (CR) - the number of users decides how many customers order your products. Slower than one second, you might lose 100, 1000 or a huge number of users.
  • Everyday, at least 150 brands attempt to come closely users by many ways if your site is Business website has slow loading speed time, your brand is also unavailable reach effectively to customers.

  • If your site is NonProfits and Religious Websites, how many times did you feel so hard to see events or schedule, it takes a long time to see? Photos are always loading status. And you again just want to close immediately because of slowly register form.
  • Your site is Personal Website, your potential clients are out there, they come to your site and have to wait.
  • Your site is Auctions Website, have no users want to miss their bid price because of slow speed site.

3 seconds principle.

We only have 3 seconds to approach our customers and clients. An average user would not spend more seconds waiting for websites to respond. It is based on the belief that users of a site will become frustrated and often leave if they cannot find the information within the 3 seconds.

How do users access your website?

1 in 4 visitors would give up the website if it takes more time to load. 46% of users don’t revisit poorly performing websites. Website owners have only 5 seconds to engage visitors before they consider leaving. 74% of users accessing the mobile site would leave if it takes longer than 5 seconds to load.

Improve your SEO

In addition to user experience, page load time affects SEO as well. Google uses web page load speed to determine rankings. Granted, there are hundreds of other metrics that Google’s algorithms use to determine search rankings, but web page load speed is still important. Users bouncing from your site all the time because it takes forever to load isn’t exactly going to help your SEO either.

What do our services have?

Increase users of your site and achieve maximum performance with Boost Loading Speed. We combine many features for you:

  • Image optimization
  • CSS optimization
  • Javascript optimization
  • HTML minification
  • Check details of your custom scripts and files to eliminate conflicts
  • CDN advice and support for further improvement

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