Website Development

Websites define business. You can’t get away from this. If your website is dull, uninspired, or even worse, non-existent, then your business will most likely stagnate and die. Not to mention, having a fine-tuned contemporary site helps establish audience trust. This is how you present yourself and your company most effectively to the public.

Our highly experienced team of developers build your website using a detailed process, thereby ensuring every part of your site helps you move toward your company vision.

Website Development Process

Making a website is not just about combining text and artwork. To standout in today’s competitive market, a website must be crafted with appealing visuals and user friendliness.

This has never been an easy task, it required thorough research and planning. In order to bring our customer excellent result, we break down our website development into manageable phases to ensure every steps is taken in the finest quality possible.


In this initial contact, our consultant will find out and understand what exactly the clients wants and his goals and targets. This sets the foundation and direction on how we manage the whole web development project.

During this first contact, we will find out the below.

  • Company Info and Background
  • Client’s Wants
  • Target Audience
  • Budgeting
  • Project Schedule Estimation


Planning is one of the most important stage in the whole process. We set the timeframe and schedules for the whole project. At this time, our consultant work closely with our clients to extract as much details as possible for building the website.

During the process, our clients needs to confirm and approve a site map prepared by our web designer for the design of the wireframes.

  • Prepare proposal
  • Obtain client approval for sitemap
  • Collect brand assets
  • Prepare project schedule and assign team
  • Audit content and outline new content requirement


Without proper and high quality content, a website won’t be able to retain viewers. Good content planning is therefore essential.

Content planning is not content writing nor artwork designing, it is the step before writing and designing the actual text and graphics. Base on the topics and titles of the approved sitemap from the planning stage, our team will perform intensive research to prepare text and graphics sources for the preparation of the actual website contents.

This process timeframe can varies a lot depending on the amount of content the site required and the responsiveness of the client in providing the information.

  • Research and brainstorm
  • Collect materials from clients
  • UI and UX


With all the preparation work completed and approved, it finally comes to the stage of putting all the pieces together to start building all the actual components, for your website.
We take all the raw graphics and elements prepared in the content planning stage to build unique graphics components and text passages.

Website Copywriting

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Creative Design
(Front-end Design)

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Site Implementation
(Back-end Development)

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Traffic Tracking

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  • Build HTML/CSS template based on final mock-up
  • Create all graphics and content
  • Responsive design
  • Thorough proofing internally prior to client handoff
  • Client side and server side programming
  • Implement backend functionality
  • Add CMS application for ease of maintenance
  • Proceed with third party intergration


After the completion of all implementation, a thorough testing will be confirmed to ensure:

  • Functionality Test, such as forms and scripts – ensuring all forms and scripts are executable without error.
  • Web browsers compatibility issues – ensuring every part of the site are viewable without any distortion on all recent versions of all popular browsers, such as Chrome, Firefox, Safari & IE.
  • Device Responsiveness – test on the responsiveness of every part of the website on different screen sizes of mobile and desktop devices.
  • Functionality Test
  • Web Browsers Compatibility Test
  • Device Responsiveness Test


Upon completion of thorough pre-delivery test, we will obtain your approval to launch the site. All files will be uploaded to respective servers and a quick final test will be performed to ensure stability and speed. At this point, your site is made available to public and project is completed.

  • Move site to live production
  • Provide training
  • Sustain, manage and support website


Website is not a book, it should not be static, it has to be updated regularly to attract new visitors.
At Arestors, we are always happy to continue to support our clients on content updating. We offer both technical and content support packages to our clients to ensure their website perform at all time. Contact us now for more information.

  • Maintenance Package
  • Ensure analytics are implemented
  • Digital Marketing Proposal