Software Development

We creative realistic solutions tailored your business requirements.

Software development can be a highly complex and heavily detailed process. We make it easy. Our team of cross industry experts work together using the latest technology to develop solutions to make your business work better, faster, and more efficiently than ever before.

Our clients have gained a great deal of value through our innovative software solutions. We always stay up to date on the latest in digital advancements, and we consistently deliver top of the line products and services.



Document Processing
and Workflow Management Platform

A dynamic multiple users and companies document processing platform allowing users to easily design documents and forms for their company. Documents can be grouped together or break down into several input steps, where each step can be assigned to different user. In such, this becomes a flow on how the data is gathered from different user(s) to complete a set of documents.

Anonymous App Platform

A web application platform that allow users to remain anonymous while using the chat services provided in the platform. The chat services provided has many unique features that let chat owner control the permission, sharing, etc.

School Bus System

A web and mobile application system for School Bus. Bus company can manage and view the location of their worker and bus from the web application, worker uses mobile app to register and manage the student status in bus, parent can view the notification and status of their child in mobile app.

Network Testing App

A mobile application for checking and monitoring the network status. User can check and view the current mobile’s network or internet status, perform ad-hoc network test, or check against a set of saved hosts.