Many question the efficacy of the PPC campaign…Is the ad spend really getting a worthwhile ROI?

If done effectively, PPC advertising can certainly be a boon to a business. Especially for those who are waiting for the slower-to-come results of organic campaigns, PPC campaigns offer faster, more tangible results in the initial phases of a marketing approach. This can be a good thing if managed efficiently.

This is where we excel. Understanding precisely what to budget, how to use analytics to refine these types of campaigns and harnessing available metrics to guarantee the best outcome are the ways in which we can offer our clients a productive PPC experience.

A few of the things we consider for any PPC campaign:

  • Keyword list must be relevant and exhaustive, and will be continuously refined
  • Budget: consider how much clients are willing to spend in relation to the type of results they want
  • Test out different ads as well as different markets and audience demographics
  • Track conversions: watching the quality of the conversions can help us adjust the ad strategy